General Andrey Mordvichev Wikipedia

Who Is General Andrey Mordvichev? Wikipedia: Age Wife And Family

Andrey Mordvichev is a Russian lieutenant general who commanded the Russian troops during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Andrey Mordvichev led the 8th General Amry of the Southern Military District. Russia launched an airstrike on an airfield in Chornobaiyka during the war on March 18. Mordvichev was rumored to be dead after the airstrike, but Russia did not confirm his death.

General Andrey Mordvichev Wikipedia
General Andrey Mordvichev

On March 28, Mordvichev was seen in Mariupol during a meeting with Ramzan Kadyrov. The Russian television show multiple pictures of Mordvichev, confirming that the General is not dead. On May 30, BBC Russia also confirmed that the General is alive.

Mordvichev’s rank, Lieutenant General in the Russian Army, is among the high ranks. His service branch is the Russian Ground Forces. He has served the Russian army for more than two decades. 

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General Andrey Mordvichev’s Wikipedia

Before becoming a Lieutenant General, Andrey Mordvichev was the commander of the 4th Separate Guards Tank Brigade in 2011. In 2014, he commanded the 28th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade. 

According to Russian media, Mordvichev was a bright student focused on his studies. He went to the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School and graduated from there. 

Mordvichev has also been honored with a medal. He was awarded the Suvorov medal. For the Fatherland II degree, he was honored with Fatherland II.

In 2018, the Russian government led a parade on the occasion of The Victory Parade In Novosibirsk. At the march, General Andrey Mordvichev appeared in front of the media. 

During that parade, he was the Chief of Staff – First Deputy Commander of the 41st Combined Arms Army Major General.

When Lieutenant General’s death surfaced in Russia, people started to mourn for him. The death of the high-ranking official would have been an enormous loss for the Russian military force. But Mordvichev survived, which makes him even more famous now.

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General Andrey Mordvichev’s Age

Andrey Mordvichev was born on January 14, 1976. Currently, he is 46 years old. The General has spent more than 20 years in the Russian military. Mordvichev is a powerful man. Being a commander for more than a decade gives you a lot of authority and respect.

General Andrey Mordvichev’s Wife

From multiple sources, it seems Andrey is a married man. It has also been revealed that he is a father too. However, the name of his wife and children hasn’t been announced. 

Andrey Mordvichev is a private person. Having the position of Lieutenant General means you have a lot of classified information. In most cases, there is much sensitive information. Due to these reasons, the Russian army always keeps their officers’ information as secret as possible.

General Andrey Mordvichev’s Family

Andrey Mordvichev’s family might be another mystery to be revealed. We don’t know anything about the General’s family life with his wife and children. When the rumor of Andrey’s death spread, a lot of media started to dig into his wife and family member. However, no one found anything about them.

Many news media even tried to interview Andrey’s family members, but they couldn’t find them. We can guess about his family and wife. But, the officer of high rank like Andrey’s biodata is unavailable.

Andrey Mordvichev only came to the mainstream media after the rumor of him being dead started. Ukraine – Russia has captured the new media’s attention about Army General. Andrey is definitely one of them. 

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