Who Is Kayvon Esmaili Wife Michelle Argyris? Kids Family And Net Worth

Michelle Simone Argyris, the wife of Actor Kayvon Esmaili, is a Canadian best known for her work on the television series Love in Translation (2021).

In addition to writing screenplays, Kayvon is an American Actor, photographer, and filmmaker.

Additionally, Kayvon is an Actor with an IMDB score of at least 25.

Along with performing, he also works on a range of projects as a photographer.

Initially, Kayvon Esmaili worked as an agent’s assistant at The Beach House. As a cast member of the television series Call Your Mother, Kayvon has achieved renown.

What We Know About Kayvon Esmaili’s wife, Michelle Argyris.

The spouse of Kayvon Esmaili is Michelle. She is a Canadian actress who is descended from Macedonians and French.

The parts she played in Love in Translation (2021), Homemade Christmas (2020), and Reboot Camp are the ones for which Michelle Simone Argyris is most known (2020).

Kayvon Esmaili
Kayvon Esamaili with his wife Michelle Argyis (source: Pinterest)

She was born in Richmond Hill, Canada, on May 21, 1988, making her 34 years old.

In the 2012 horror film Devil Sedd from Lionsgate, she was cast as Alex Froshiber, which marked the beginning of her career.

Because of her desire and commitment to playing significant starring roles, she would be cast in a number of significant roles on television dramas including General Hospital and Big Top Academy, among others.

As she excelled in athletics and practiced gymnastics, power tumbling, and dance at an early age, she was also a part of Team Canada at the National Cheerleading Championships.

Michelle is listed as being represented by CESD Talent Agency on her Facebook page, which is one of the most renowned and dominating performing talent agencies in the nation.

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Kayvon’s Family And His Career 

Besides writing screenplays, Kayvon also works as an actor and a photographer. He works on many other projects as a photographer as well.

At the conclusion of his high school career, Kayvon Esmaili earned very good scores.

After that, he finished his undergraduate studies at a state University in the United States.

His father is from Iran, while his mother is from Minneapolis. However, their names have not been disclosed yet. 

Kavyon Esmaili
Kavyon Esmaili in his movie (Source: IMDb)

Kavyon Esmaili’s parents prefer to live away from the spotlight even if their son and daughter-in-law are celebrities. 

Esmaili has said in several interviews how his parents have supported Kavyon during the starting phase of his career, and he seems grateful to them.

At The Beach House, Kayvon Esmaili started as an agent’s assistant. As a cast member of Call Your Mother, Kayvon has become well-known. Pre-production for the television show is currently ongoing.

Esmaili has a long history as a professional photographer and is highly recognized in the industry outside of performing.

For Disney Vista home entertainment, Kayvon has over 11 years of experience as a professional editorial photographer.

He has also worked as a photographer for Vanie Poyey Photography since 2010.

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Do Kayvon Esmaili and Michelle Argyris have children?

Now, nothing is known about Kayvon Esmaili and Michelle Argyris’ offspring.
They could want to protect their children’s privacy since they might feel uncomfortable with being continuously watched if he becomes famous.
It’s common for well-known individuals to act in this way. Presumably, they value their child’s privacy more highly.
Kayvon Esmaili’s Net Worth

The total net worth of Kayvon Esmaili is 5 million U.S. dollars

He gains his wealth from being in different hits like Call Your Mother. 

Besides, his wife Michelle has a total net worth of $19 million, which they share as they are a married couple. 

Kavyon Esmaili
Kavyon Esmaili in his house. He posted this picture in Twitter (source: Twitter)

Kayvon also gets money from writing for various movies, TV series, and soap operas. 

Furthermore, Kayvon also has photographic studios and takes part in various projects.

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