Who Is Sonali Phogat Daughter Yashodhara Phogat? Family And Net Worth At Death

Sonali Phogat last appeared in Bigg Boss 14, when she competed as a wildcard candidate and quickly rose to fame.  

Likewise, Phogat, who was incredibly well-liked as a TikTok star, was also a BJP Politician.

In the 2019 Haryana elections, she has run for the assembly from Adampur on a BJP ticket.

Kuldeep Bishnoi, who had just moved from the Congress party to the BJP, was her opponent in the election.

When Sonali was in Bigboss, her Daughter had appeared
When Sonali was in Bigboss, her Daughter had appeared

In addition to that, She also has a daughter named Yashodhara Phogat, who was very close to her. Many of her well-wishers are eager to know about their bond.

Who Is Sonali Phogat Daughter Yashodhara Phogat?

Sonali Phogat has a beautiful daughter named Yashodhara Phogat. 

Even though much of her information is not public, Sonali used to share photos with her. The age of her daughter is unknown but looks young, around an early teenager.

In her Twitter post, Sonali had wished Yashodhara on the occasion of her birthday, referring to her as an angel on the 7th of August.

Not only that, Yashodhara made an appearance in one of the episodes of the reality competition show Bigg Boss during Sonali’s participation in the 14th season. Through a glass door, they came face to face and met.

Sonali was heard referring to her daughter as Lotu. She told her daughter to continue consuming ghee up till the point at which she leaves for her hostel. 

Yashodhara appears to be following after her mother. Sonali revealed that although her daughter is still young and in school.

She now seems to be leaning toward politics when asked if she wants to pursue acting or politics. She did not decline an offer to act, though, when it came her way.

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As Sonali has recently passed away, her daughter Yashodhara must be in deep grief and a sad state; hopefully, she will gain the strength to overcome this hard time.

Many people are concerned about Yashodhara since a little child would find it extremely difficult. Through online content posts, viewers are also giving their love, requests, and support.

Sonali Phogat Death

Actress and BJP leader from Haryana Sonali Phogat passed away in Goa on Tuesday after having a heart attack, according to police.

Sonali died at the Grand Leoney Resort in Anjuna, Goa, where she had gone to attend a ceremony on Monday. Sonali had traveled to Goa with some of her staff members.
Sonali Phogat passed away in Goa. 

After complaining of discomfort on Monday evening, the 41-year-old was taken to St. Anthony Hospital in Anjuna, North Goa district, where she was later declared dead.

According to PTI, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Mapusa) Jivba Dalvi stated, “The reason of death is established as a heart attack, but further medical testing is on.”

Moreover, The state-run Goa Medical College and Hospital in Bambolim will do the postmortem.

Sonali Phogat Family

Sonali Phogat is a Hindu who hails from the town of Bhuthan in Fatehabad, Haryana, India.

Similarly, she is well recognized for having Indian ancestry and practicing Hinduism. She is also a Jatt caste member.

Her father is a farmer by profession, while her mother works as a stay-at-home mom. Sudesh Phogat is one of her three sisters, and she has one brother.

Moreover, Sanjay Phogat was the spouse of Sonali Phogat, tragically, in 2016.

At their farmhouse, Sanjay passed away when he was around 42 years old. He also worked as a politician when he was alive.

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Sonali Phogat Net Worth Before Death

At the time of her death, Sonali Phogat had an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Sonali Phogat began her career as an anchor by participating in the Haryanvi TV program, which was aired on the Doordarshan channel in 2006.

She is well-known for portraying Fatima in the Zee TV series “Ek Maa Jo Laakhon Ke Liye Bani Amma”(2019)  and Sonali in the Haryanvi film “Chhoriyan Chhoron Se Kam Nahi Hoti” (2016).

Phogat had an appearance in Ameet Choudhary’s online series “The Story of Badmashgarh” in 2019.

Not only that, but she also appeared alongside Masoom Sharma and Surender Dhaka in the 2019 Haryanvi song “Bandook Aali Jaatni.”

With the Haryanvi drama film “Chhoriyan Chhoron Se Kam Nahi Hoti,” she also made her film debut in 2019.

With many appearances in TV programs, movies, and many more, she was able to amass a significant portion of her earnings.

However, her earnings from the political sector are not much disclosed publically.

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