Razor And Cyno [Source- Youtube]

Are Cyno And Razor Related? Family Tree And Net Worth Difference

Cyno and Razor are playable electronic characters in Genshin Impact, and both share similar attributes, so it looks like they are related but are not!!

Likewise, Cyno commands the Matra as the General Mahamatra and instills dread in the hearts of Sumeru Akademiya researchers. In contrast, Razor began to re-establish with people after meeting the current Knight of Boreas.

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Are Cyno And Razor Related?

Cyno And Razor look related to each other after being the playable electro character in Genshin Impact with numerous similarities but are not related.

Razor’s part is that he was raised by wolves, whereas Cyno’s headdress resembles Anubis, a jackal-headed deity related to wolves.

People are getting the vibe that Cyno and Razor look similar
People are getting the vibe that Cyno and Razor look similar [Source- Reddit]
Cyno is the first playable male Electro character since Razor was released, and he has several traits in common with him. They both share the name of the Lupus constellation.

Also, both of them share the trait of red eyes and white hair in familiar, so many people have even thought that these characters are brothers by bond; however, it has not been out that they are related. 

Even though they are not related by personal bond, their matchup is quite good and would be a best of buddies.

Cyno And Razor Family Tree 

Razor was raised by the wolf pack, Wolf of the North, Andrius, after being abandoned as a baby; he gradually began to reintegrate with people after an accidental meeting with Varka.

Similarly, Vakra is the current Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius and the Knight of Boreas.

On the other hand, Cyno has traditional costumes worn throughout the time of Ancient Egyptian civilization, which appear to be the inspiration for his clothing. His headgear is a likeness of the jackal-headed god Anubis, also called the God of Mummification. 

In the manga, Cyno is shown sporting a vast, black cape with a hood and what appear to be jackal ears sewn on it to match the headgear.

 His cape appears to have been influenced by Northern Africa; it shares some characteristics with the huge capes that people in the Sahara use to avoid the heat and to keep safe during sandstorms.

Razor And Cyno!
Razor And Cyno! [Source- HoYO Lab]
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Cyno And Razor Net Worth Difference

Cyno and Razor’s exact net worth is unknown as detailed information regarding the same is unavailable, but their character ability is powerful. These are both fan-loved characters.

Razor’s bonus statistic is Physical DMG which makes him more proficient as a physical carry than electro later in the game. His electro skills allow him to synergize with Cryo characters for the superconductor debuff.

Cyno occupies the post of General Mahamatra in the Akademiya and takes his role seriously, despite his youth and lack of reputation as a scholar.

Because of this, even if he only handles instances of interest, many people are afraid of the idea of having to meet him for their investigation. If someone tries to escape, he will pursue them fiercely to bring them back for punishment.

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