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Rebecca Salcedo Cleland Wikipedia And Age-Where Is Bruce Cleland Murder Now Jail Or Prision?

Rebecca Salcedo Cleland’s Wikipedia details have been the biggest question for people who know about the honeytrap case.

The Rebecca Cleland and Bruce Cleland murder-for-hire case from 1997 will be featured on Snapped: She Made Me Do It. The new Oxygen show is a spin-off of Snapped Killer Couples and the original Snapped. 

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Rebecca Salcedo Cleland Wikipedia: Her Age Revealed

Rebecca Salcedo Cleland doesn’t have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her name. 

Her age is 70 years as of 2022.

Rebecca Cleland
Rebecca Cleland when she was young (Source: mylifeofcrime)

She is the attractive Latina who tricked a virgin bachelor, Bruce Cleland, into marrying her so she could steal all of his money. Investigators consider that she did exactly that.

Rebecca seemed like a decent girl to Bruce Cleland. She was a desperate, greedy lady, in reality. Even after Rebecca began mistreating him and demanding a divorce so that she could take half of his worth, Bruce stated that he did not want to divorce her.

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How Rebecca Salcedo Cleland Trapped Bruce Cleland

Bruce Cleland, a shy and modest bachelor, earned a good living as a software developer for TRW.

He had never dated before meeting Rebecca Quesada Salcedo at a swap meet in late 1995. Bruce Cleland grew more outgoing once they started dating.

Bruce Cleland showered Rebecca Salcedo with gifts such as automobiles, trips, cosmetic surgery, clothes, furnishings, and a diamond ring while they were dating. Bruce Cleland, Salcedo informed her pals, was “very well off” and “earned decent money.” 

She revealed her intention to marry Bruce Cleland, have a kid with him, and then divorce him to collect child support and be “set for life.”

As the couple was driving home after dinner, a guy leaped out of the woods and shot and murdered Bruce Cleland. It has been described as a fake carjacking and robbery. 

The two Hispanic males were linked to Rebecca Cleland, according to investigators.

Rebecca Salcedo Husband: When Did She Marry Bruce Cleland?

Bruce Cleland and Rebecca Salcedo married in a private civil ceremony in October 1996. 

Although a major church wedding was planned for January 1997, Salcedo insisted on the two being married before buying a house. Bruce Cleland purchased a huge home in Whittier following his formal marriage. 

As she became known, Rebecca Cleland moved into the house alone, while Bruce Cleland lived with his parents until their church wedding in January 1997. 

Bruce Cleland 1
Bruce Cleland (Source: findagrave)

Cleland informed friends and acquaintances before and after the church wedding that she did not love Bruce Cleland. She intended to divorce him fast to gain financial stability and also urged her sister, Lorraine Salcedo, to assist her in finding someone to kill Bruce.

Cleland met with a divorce attorney in April 1997 and presented Bruce Cleland with a draft separation agreement that would allow her to continue living in the Whittier house while requiring Bruce Cleland to pay the mortgage and provide Cleland with spending money. 

When Bruce refused to sign the agreement, she threatened to sue him for molestation of her small kid. 

Where Are Bruce Cleland Murders Now? 

Rebecca Cleland, Alvaro Quezada, and Jose Quezada were all convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in June 2000 and sentenced to life in prison without parole. 

Rebecca and Jose are now free after their convictions were reversed in May 2003. 

Cleland was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release in January 2007, when she was 37, after being convicted of the same charges three years later.

Jose’s second trial ended in a mistrial, but he was later found guilty in a third trial and sentenced together with Alvaro and Rebecca. 

According to inmate records, he is still being imprisoned at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego, California. His brother Alvaro is currently at Folsom State Prison in Represa, California. 

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