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Who Are Shauna and Saskia Cullen? Charles Cullen Daughters & Wife, Where Are They Now?

Fans of the NetFlix series “The Good Nurse” have wanted to know more about Charles Cullen daughters, Shauna and Saskia Cullen. 

The Good Nurse, a new true crime series on Netflix, tells the tale of serial killer Charles Cullen’s conviction for his murders. Charles was arrested by his friend Amy Loughren in the early 2000s after he confessed to killing up to 40 of his patients while working as a nurse.

Charles was found guilty of 29 murders in 2006, received 11 life sentences, and consented to help authorities identify his victims if the death penalty wasn’t used. Charles is still incarcerated in New Jersey at this time. The Netflix film refers to Charles’ divorce from his wife, Adrienne.

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Before Cullen began working at Somerset Hospital, the couple, who had two children, split. But what happened to and where are the children and spouse of Charles Cullen today?

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Charles Cullen Daughters, Shauna & Saskia Cullen

Charles Cullen daughters Shauna and Saskia were born into the family before Adrienne was compelled by Charles’ actions to seek a divorce.

According to Adrienne’s lawsuit, Charles was aloof, unhelpful, and angry. Cullen had relocated the family to a small red-brick home on the outskirts of Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Although the family’s circumstances appeared positive and quiet outside, the house was anything but tranquil.

Adrienne said Charles resisted talking to her or having a sexual relationship with her for years. The family’s terriers took the brunt of Charles’ violence because he gave them brutal beatings while purportedly training them. Adrienne added, “I was awakened several nights by the screams of those dogs.

Charles Cullen
Charles Cullen Appears For The Hearing In Court- Source: Seventeen

She recalled Cullen punishing one of the dogs for urinating inside the home by zipping him up in a little bowling bag. Cullen relocated to a basement apartment in the heart of Phillipsburg after losing custody of his girls.

The children and Adrienne relocated to Roselle Park, New Jersey. Adrienne refused requests from media outlets for an interview after Cullen was arrested. Taub remarked, “You can only imagine what we are going through. “Exclude my family and kids from this. Nothing to say, I’m afraid.

Taub and the kids started living different lifestyles. The daughters’ names are not listed in any public records, therefore, we assume they had their names altered.

Charles Cullen Wife: Who Was He Married To? 

Charles Cullen and Adrienne Taub started dating when he was in nursing school, and they eventually were married in June 1987. Their first daughter Shauna was born in 1987, and Saskia followed three years later.

However, as evidenced by public records, their family started disintegrating in 1993 when Adrienne requested a divorce. Adrienne alleged in her divorce petition that Charles had a history of “bizarre” and “abusive” behavior, including hurting their two dogs.

Adrienne claimed that her ex-husband would spend hours abusing their Yorkshire terriers in the basement. “I was awakened numerous nights by the howls of these dogs,” she wrote.

She continued by saying that Cullen had previously put one of the dogs in a bowling ball bag and zip-tied it up for urinating inside the home.

Charles Cullen
Charles Cullen Wife Amy Loughren Attending The Premier Of “Good Nurse”- Source: NewsWeek

Even further, Cullen’s ex-wife asked for a restraining order against him. The former nurse, according to Adrienne, allegedly laced other people’s drinks with lighter fluid, burned one of their books in the fireplace, and left their kids with a babysitter for a whole week. Cullen, though, asserted that she was exaggerating, and the restraining order was rejected.

When their divorce was finalized in 1994, Adrienne was given primary physical custody of the kids.

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Where Are Charles Cullen Daughters And Wife? 

Adrienne was a Roselle Park, New Jersey resident in 2003 when news of Cullen’s killings broke. Reporters relentlessly followed Adrienne and her family, but she placed the safety of her children above all else.

She stated in her message that you could probably picture what we’re going through. My family and kids should not be involved. Nothing to say, I’m afraid.

Since then, Adrienne, Shauna, and Saskia have all avoided the spotlight, and it’s unclear exactly where they are now. It is widely believed that Saskia and Shauna, who are both in their 30s, have legally changed their names.

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