Is Johnny Vegas An Alcoholic

Is Johnny Vegas An Alcoholic? Where Is He Now? Illness And Health Update

Is Johnny Vegas an alcoholic? English comedian, actor, writer, and director Michael Joseph Pennington, best known by his stage name Johnny Vegas.

He is renowned for his heavy accent from Lancashire, husky voice, stocky build, angry comedy outbursts, and use of weird humor. His appearances on panels like QI and 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown are also common.

Vegas has been on television as Al in ITV Digital and PG Tips commercials, Moz in the dark comedy Ideal on BBC Three, Geoff Maltby (“The Oracle”) in the sitcom Benidorm on ITV, and Eric Agnew in the sitcom Still Open All Hours on BBC One. Let’s get to know about Johnny Vegas is an alcoholic.

Is Johnny Vegas An Alcoholic?

Is Johnny Vegas an alcoholic? In an open admission of his battle with alcoholism, Johnny Vegas said that being a Father enabled him to put his life in order. The “Benidorm” actor said in a radio interview that there was a period when he would go on “four-day benders,” but claimed that the birth of his kid caused him to reevaluate his life and reduce his alcohol consumption.

“My son has had a lot to do with me getting my act together and straightening myself out,” he acknowledged. Four-day binges of alcohol cannot be healthy, but there was no concern for the potential consequences of such a lifestyle.

Is Johnny Vegas An Alcoholic
Johnny Vegas played at Melbourne Hall where organizers experienced problems. Source: derbytelegraph

When you become a parent, you immediately feel the need to be there and want to be present. It’s not about you and wonderfully rescues you from the pit. He announced this week that he and Maia Dunphy, his second wife, who moved in with him in London last year from Ireland, are expecting a child.

The couple surprised everyone by publishing a scan photo of their unborn child with a pint of Guinness photo-shopped into its stomach. I hope your curiosity regarding ‘Is Johnny Vegas An Alcoholic’ is cleared now. 

Where Is Johnny Vegas Now? Illness And Health Update

Johnny Vegas is a well-liked British comedian and television personality best known for his work on the sitcoms Ideal for the BBC and Benidorm for ITV.

Along with his part in the BBC Radio program Night Class, for which he was nominated for a Sony Radio Award for Best Comedy. He became well-known in the early 2000s portraying Al with his sidekick Monkey in the PJ Tips commercials.

Is Johnny Vegas An Alcoholic
Johnny has recently lost three stones. Source: The Mirror

Johnny had shown his significant weight loss in a selfie from earlier in the year. The Benidorm actor shed three stones after changing his diet and eschewing fast food in favor of healthy options. Johnny still needed to finish up a few tasks on Patricia. At his heaviest, Johnny weighed 18 stone and made a concerted effort to lose weight.

After losing five stones, he gained them back before starting a new health regimen. He recently declared: “I have not done any kind of diet in any form whatsoever” on ITV’s Loose Women. I’ve cut back on things; it’s a lifestyle adjustment.

In addition to cheese, he continued, “Then you can live with it, and you don’t feel like you are depriving yourself of anything.”

Who is Johnny Vegas Wife? 

In a parody of famous people charging top dollar for exclusive wedding photos, Vegas wed Catherine Donnelly in August 2002. He then sold pictures of the wedding to the adult comic Viz for £1.

They got divorced in 2008 after splitting up in late 2006. He wed Irish television host Maia Dunphy in Seville in April 2011. They announced that they were expecting their first child together in January 2015.

Is Johnny Vegas An Alcoholic
Johnny Vegas is drinking at a party. Source: HuffingtonPost

They split up in late 2017, got back together in November 2018, and then did it again before April 2020. Vegas still resides in St. Helens, his hometown, and has made no secret of his pride in it. He is also well known for actively promoting the neighborhood. In 2005, he achieved a lifelong goal by playing for St.

Helens RFC in Keiron Cunningham’s rugby league testimonial game, a friendly against Hull FC. In December 2012, Vegas claimed that he had recently rediscovered the Catholic faith his parents had raised him in and gave the religion credit for his successful upbringing.

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