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Is Mike Judson Peterborough Leaving CHEX-TV? His New Job Salary And Career Earning

Is Mike Judson Peterborough leaving CHEX-TV? After five years, weather analyst Mike Judson left CHEX-TV in 2017 to return to radio.

After five years with the station, Mike Judson announced his resignation as host of CHEX Daily and weather analyst on CHEX Newswatch. He will now co-host a new morning show on Country 105 radio with Miles Gibney. The program will be called Mike and Miles in the Morning.

Ron McFarland, who served at Country 105 for 22 years, was replaced by Judson (and Peterborough radio for 40 years). Although Judson has a lot of ground to makeup, he is up for the task.

Since Judson began his career in local radio with the Country 105/Energy 99.7/91.9 BOB FM family when he first moved to Peterborough, the move is like going full circle for him.

Is Mike Judson Peterborough Leaving CHEX-TV?

Mike Judson left Chex-TV in 2017 and began producing Country 105, another television program. Judson signed off for CHEX-TV on Thursday night, marking the end of his career there.

Judson left CHEX after five years and left Corus Entertainment. Judson presented and produced CHEX Daily and served as the station’s weather analyst in Peterborough. The single Father is returning to radio. He has broadcast a morning radio show in the city but hasn’t said anything else yet.

Judson Peterborough Leaving
Judson Peterborough Instagram post Source: Instagram

However, he did promise to be heard on the air in two weeks. The Thornhill native claimed that roughly ten years ago, while working at a record shop in Antigonish, Newfoundland, he just so happened to land his first radio job.

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Mike Judson Next Job Details Revealed

In his recent Instagram post about four days ago, he mentioned that he’s leaving country 105 with his best friend @milesgibney after almost six years there.

He spoke He truly loves his job and the people he works with, so making the decision was quite tricky. His boss is fantastic, and the listeners have been excellent. Although he would miss it, he couldn’t pass up his next opportunity. It’s the best job he’s had in his 15 years in the media.

Judson Peterborough Leaving
Judson Peterborough at the gym. Source: Instagram

He’ll be joining the @lakefieldcs outdoor education team next week; he’s excited to share! He also expressed his gratitude to @milesgibney for being the perfect co-host.

Judson says he will keep pursuing storms even though he will miss the exhilaration of watching them and quickly communicating crucial information to the public as a weather expert.

The CHEX Daily will also be missed by Judson, a fantastic interviewer, especially in its current incarnation, which he adored.

Mike Judson Salary And Career Earning 

The Economic Research Institute estimates that a weather forecaster makes roughly $103,850 (CAD) annually, demonstrating that Mike Judson makes a respectable income from his work.

As he transitions into his new position as morning co-host on the radio station Country 105, Mike Judson swaps out his umbrella and barometer for a pair of cowboy boots.

Judson Peterborough Leaving
Mike Judson with his family.
Source: Instagram

To take on a new position in neighborhood radio, Judson decided to leave his position as the weather anchor for CHEX-TV.

Ron McFarland, who has worked in local radio for 40 years, including 22 at Country 105, said he would be departing the morning show. Judson would take over as co-host alongside Miles Gibney.

When Judson first moved to Peterborough in 2011, he began working at Country 105. He worked as a weatherman and program host for five years at CHEX-TV.

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