Nika Shakarami family

Who Are Nika Shakarami Family? 17 Year-Old Girl Died After Going Missing For 10 Days

Netizens are anxious about Nika Shakarami after being found dead following Iranian protests. Are Nika Shakarami Family? Check details on her suspicious death.

Nika Shakarami was an Irani teenager who was missing from Tehran during the 2022 Iranian protests following the death of Mahsa Amini.

According to sources, the victim had died under suspicious circumstances suspected to involve violence by security forces.

However, Iranian authorities denied wrongdoing, allegedly coerced some of her family members to support these narratives, and spread several contradictory stories concerning her fate.

Based on the reports, the media publicized Nika’s death and the attempts of government suppression regarding the information on her fate worldwide in the international press. Her suspicious death has ignited ongoing protests.

 Islamic Republic News Agency, the state-owned Iranian news agency, reported that the authorities had opened their investigation into fearless Nika’s death.

Who Are Nika Shakarami Family?

Nika Shakarami was a native IraniCitizen, a 17-Year-Old girl who died after going missing for ten days. Later, authorities informed her family of her death after ten days.

The Iran native was born on October 2, 2005, in the Lorestan province. Reports suggest Nika had family ties to Khorramabad in southwestern Iran.

Nika Shakarami Family
A woman holds a sign bearing the names of slain Iranian women, including Nika Shakarami, during a protest against the Islamic regime of Iran and the death of Mahsa Amini in front of the Iranian Embassy in Madrid, October 6, 2022.
Source: BBC

Nika, the second child of her parents, lived with her auntin Tehran. Following her Father’s death, she moved to Tehran, where she worked in a coffee shop.

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What Happened Nika Shakarami?

Nika died on September 21 after falling from a building, according to a story published on October 4 by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Tasnim News Agency, which also stated that eight people who worked in the building had been detained.

Several agencies made contradictory claims that she had committed suicide. The state-owned Fars News Agency released footage supposedly showing Shakarami entering the building, but the person in the footage is not identifiable.

On the other hand, Authorities used a similar suicide-by-jumping narrative concerning the death of another 16-year-old, Sarina Esmailzadeh. She died, after reportedly being severely beaten by Police with batons, according to Amnesty International.

How Did Nika Shakarami Die?

In an interview with BBC News, Nika’s mother criticized the government’s attempts to cover up their involvement in Nika’s death. BBC did the interviews conducted with her brother and sister under coercion.

Nika’s mother claimed to have seen a medical record indicating that Shakarami had passed away on September 20, the day she went missing, due to blunt force injuries to the head.

An autopsy issued by a cemetery in Tehran also stated that Nika died after “multiple injuries caused by blows with a hard object.”

Her aunt and uncle voiced doubt that the government was to blame in interviews telecasted on Iranian state television on October 5. They cited legal and religious obstacles and suggested that demonstrators had slain Shakarami in Lorestan to spark additional demonstrations.

Nika Shakarami Burial

Nika’s family moved her remains to Khorramabad for burial to hold the ceremony on October 2, the day she would have turned 17 years old.

After Nika’s family identified her body, her family arranged to bury her in Khorramabad. Still, Iranian authorities allegedly stole her body and buried it in Hayat Ol Gheyb to exercise leverage and avoid a funeral procession.

Nika Shakarami family
Nika Shakarami disappeared hours after burning a headscarf at this protest; her mother told BBC Persian.
Source: BBC

Following her death, her family claimed security forces pressured them into not holding a funeral ceremony and burying her in silence.

Nika’s uncle and aunt were arrested shortly after a Twitter post from their home on October 2. Government officials threatened other family members that she would be executed if they participated in the protests.

Nika’s family further claimed that the authorities stole Shakarami’s body and buried her in Hayat Ol Gheyb, about 40 kilometers away, to avoid publicity and prevent her grave from becoming a pilgrimage site for protesters.

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