Paul Connolly In Jail

Is Paul Connolly In Jail? More On His Wife Laura Doherty Kids And Family Details

Paul Connolly, one of four people indicted in Steven Miller’s murder in 2016, received a sentence on unrelated counts. Is Paul Connolly In Jail? Let’s find out. 

Paul Connolly received the final sentence for an infamous drug-related homicide in a St. John’s suburb in 2016, which resulted in his imprisonment for ten and half years.

Following a sentencing hearing, Justice Donald Burrage delivered his ruling in Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Connolly initially faced a first-degree murder charge but later admitted guilt in 2018 to manslaughter, robbery, and forcible imprisonment.

On July 30, 2016, Connolly, Chesley Lucas, and Calvin Kenny murdered Miller during a violent home invasion and robbery.

Miller’s home was also set on Fire by Kenny and Lucas, who also kidnapped him and left him for dead in Conception Bay South’s Bayview Heights neighborhood. The group planned to rob Miller of his medications.

Is Paul Connolly In Jail?

Yes, Paul Connolly is in jail, serving ten and half years of imprisonment. Connolly has been detained for nearly five years and has less than four years left to complete his sentence.

Connolly has served less than four years of his sentence due to his time spent in detention in the Pen while he waited for trial in 2016.

Paul Connolly In Jail
Paul Connolly was awaiting his final judgment in court. (Source: VOCM)

Paul was one of three men who entered a plea of guilty to manslaughter in the case, but because of his age and lengthy criminal history, which includes his involvement in a 2014 prison riot, the judge increased his sentence.

While the Pen isn’t quite “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood,” the court said Connolly wasn’t an ideal prisoner either.

Justice Burrage expressed hope for Connolly, stating that his young daughter should serve as a motivation for him to turn his life around.

In addition, Paul is permanently banned from possessing firearms and is required to submit his DNA to a national registry.

Burrage claimed that the punishment was proportionate to the offense and that it considered Lucas’ and Kenny’s sentences.

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Paul Conolly’s Wife And Children

According to various sources, Paul Conolly married his wife, Laura Doherty. However, the couple’s marriage details are unavailable on the web. 

In addition, we do not have information on whether Paul and Laura were dating before getting married. 

Laura Doherty’s identity has been kept away from the eyes of the public since Laura is now the wife of a criminal who is currently facing ten and half years of imprisonment.

paul connolly in jail
Paul Connolly sits in Supreme Court in St. John’s. (Source: CBC News)

Likewise, his children are kept away from the spotlight of the public and the media. However, we are unsure if the criminal has children with his wife, Laura Doherty. 

Paul being away in jail has made life more difficult for his wife, Laura Doherty, and her family. 

Some sources report that Laura visits Paul Connolly in jail on several occasions. But, there is no official news about it.  

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Paul Conolly Parents: Ethnicity And Origin

According to several reports, Paul Conolly was born to his parents in 1980. As a result, the criminal involved in Steven Miller’s murder in 2016, Paula, is 40 years old as of September 2022.

However, the identity of his parents is not known to the public. In addition, the criminal’s parents’ professional life is not highlighted in the media.

According to several reports, Paul’s family initially originated from the Seal Cove area of Conception Bay, South Canada.

But, Paul Connolly’s ethnicity is unknown since his parents’ identity is unavailable. In addition, the religion followed by his family is unknown.

The crime Paul committed in the past left his family devasted. They frequently visit Paul Connolly in jail and, despite his actions, love him.

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