Matt Goss Illness

Matt Goss Illness: Is He In Hospital Due To Poland Syndrome? Health Condition

Matt Goss illness has been a topic of interest for his fans out there. Matthew Goss is an English singer-songwriter and musician.

The Bros singer Matt Goss has been giving it his all on Strictly Come Dancing for the past month, but last night’s elimination saw him tearfully bid the show farewell.

Goss was in a dance-off against Kym Marsh after doing poorly in the third round of public voting. However, he could not impress the judges and lost to the soap star, who was saved by all four.

After living in the U.S. for 25 years, Matt’s participation in Strictly marked his return to the U.K. While Goss’ involvement in the competition is now over; it seems the program had a lasting impact on him because he recently spoke up about a unique ailment he has and how Strictly has benefited.

The singer, who suffers from Poland Syndrome, acknowledged that he was “self-conscious” for years and thanked the “extremely attentive” Strictly costume staff. Here is the state of affairs and what Matt says about it.

Matt Goss Illness: Is He In Hospital Due To Poland Syndrome?

Talking about Matt Goss illness, he is suffering from Poland Syndrome. It is an “extremely unusual illness” characterized by undeveloped chest muscles and webbing of the fingers, according to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

The ailment typically only affects one side of the body, resulting in digestive tract issues and shorter-than-normal fingers.

Matt Goss praises “discreet” when disclosing a unique medical condition strictly in costume. According to the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), Poland’s Syndrome is visible from birth.

Additionally, males are more usually affected, and the right side of the body is typically involved.

Matt Goss Illness
Matt Goss captioned, “Sometimes a smile can help you get through a tough day. I’m digging deep. Sending love to you all! ♥️ thank you to the people that lifted my spirits today” on his Instagram.

The specific cause of Matt’s illness is not known. Matt Goss, the frontman for the band Bros, talked openly about how his muscle problem affected his performance on Strictly Come Dancing.

Matt, who finished the event in 13th place, is the most recent Strictly victim. In an emotional parting speech, he thanked the judges for their feedback and the show for having him after a rough few weeks at the bottom of the leaderboard.

After leaving, he disclosed Poland syndrome, a disorder in which the muscles on one side of the body are underdeveloped.

Matt stated that he had “one pectoral muscle rather than two on the right side. The upper one is excellent and powerful, while the lower one is missing.”

Is Matt Goss Poland Syndrome Curable?

If both the parent and the child can consent, the problem can be surgically treated while the child is still a youngster.

PIP UK asserts that there are other possibilities and that before making any decisions, you should thoroughly consider these with a medical practitioner.

Matt Goss says he wants to increase awareness of Poland Syndrome because it affects twice as many men as women.

He told MailOnline that he hopes to launch his nonprofit organization someday to help young people develop self-confidence, as he did on Strictly.

Matt Goss Illness
Matt Goss with @robbiewilliams

He also disclosed that he intended to retake several iconic Bros photos from the 1980s revealing his breast, which he had previously covered out of self-consciousness, with this newfound confidence.

More on Matt Goss Career

Goss rose to fame as the lead vocalist of the English pop group Bros, whose debut album, Push, won eight top-five songs and spent 54 weeks on the U.K. charts while going platinum four times.

He started his solo career in 1995, and by the beginning of 2021, he had 23 singles out, four of which had reached the Top 40.

The tune “Firefly,” on which Goss and Paul Oakenfold collaborated, was remixed and peaked at number one on the World Trance chart.

Matt Goss Illness
Matt Goss’s Instagram picture captioned ‘I really loved doing the jive with @nadiyabychkova.

He would perform live events at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, reported in June 2009.

The performance moved to Caesars Palace in January 2010 after nine successful months. Some have called Goss “The New King of Las Vegas.”

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