Oakland School Shooting Victims

Who Is Jason Arbuckle? Oakland School Shooting Victims- Who Are The Suspects?

Jason Arbuckle is one of six Oakland High School Shooting victims recovering from a gunshot wound to the head.

The incident occurred midday Wednesday at the King Estate site on Fontaine Street in East Oakland, sending students and employees from three schools fleeing classrooms and prompting a major police reaction.

Jessica Aguirre of NBC Bay Area spoke with Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong and Mayor Libby Schaaf about the school shooting that injured six people on Wednesday.

After getting shot in the head on the King Estate school campus on Wednesday, an Oakland Unified School District carpenter is recovering in the hospital.

Who Is Jason Arbuckle? 

Jason Arbuckle, an Oakland Unified School District carpenter, is recovering in the hospital after being shot in the head.

Jason Arbuckle said everyone was surprised that he was walking, talking, and behaving like he did. According to him, people who saw him in such a condition were left speechless.

Oakland School Shooting Victims
A carpenter for the Oakland Unified School District is recovering in the hospital (Source: nbcbayarea)

He was on campus to oversee several projects, including constructing a trophy case in one of the lobbies. But, around halfway through, he heard a loud ringing noise.

He reported that he heard ‘pop pop’ before the scary shooting. That was the sound of gunfire booming throughout the campus. He took cover on the ground, but not before one of the bullets hit him in the back of the head.

According to Arbuckle, the bullet went through his scalp and out the other side, grazing his brain. He stood up, walked to a courtyard, and attempted to phone 911 and family members, but no one answered.

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How Did Jason Arbuckle Survive The Shooting? 

Jason Arbuckle began strolling toward a school building when he came upon a student with a gunshot wound to the arm.

Arbuckle claimed he had no idea he’d been hit until another student pointed it out. He was advised that he was oozing blood, leaking everywhere and that he needed to be pressured.

The carpenter then dashed to a nearby restroom to stop the bleeding. A teacher noticed him and dragged him into an adjacent classroom, where they waited for paramedics to try to stop the bleeding.

Arbuckle claimed that the teacher dragged him beneath the sink, cutting a tablecloth into strips to keep the blood contained and tightened.

Oakland School
Parents and students congregate outside church where they are reuniting after the shooting (Source: foxnews)

On Thursday, one day later, he was surprisingly upbeat, grateful to be here and for the love and support he’d gotten in the previous 24 hours. He is one of six people that were shot at the Oakland High School.

He stated that he did not know everyone and that many individuals were rooting for him. He also informed his supporters that their prayers had been answered and that he was doing fine.

The six victims, all adults, were transferred to nearby hospitals with gunshot wounds. According to Oakland police Chief LeRonne Armstrong, three people were in the hospital as of late Thursday morning, two in critical condition and one in stable condition. The other three victims have been discharged from the hospital.

Who Are The Suspects Of Oakland School Shooting?

A search for the shooters who opened fire at an Oakland school complex, injuring six people, including two students, resumed Thursday.

The suspects have not been identified yet. Armstrong stated that there were at least two shooters and another accomplice but that there could have been more. Over 30 shots were fired from handguns with extended magazines, according to authorities.

Armstrong believes the shooting was “gang and group linked.” It does not appear to be a random act, but the victims were not the intended victims.

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