Polecat324 Allegations: Is He Arrested? What Happened To Him?

Polecat324 allegations have recently become a topic of discussion on the internet, an American YouTuber known for his Department of Justice roleplay videos.

Polecat324 is well-known on YouTube for his Department of Justice roleplay videos. People sometimes just call him Polecat.

Polecat324 was a member of the gaming group “Code Zero,” or “czg” for short. Jordan is the real name of Polecat324. He was born on June 22, 1993, and is currently 29 years old.

Polecat324 is the creator and director of the Department of Justice Roleplay Community, also known as DoJ or DoJRP, a serious online roleplaying community. 

Polecat324 Allegations: Is He Arrested? 

According to Reddit, Polecat324 is the subject of child predator allegations. Jeff, the most recent victim, came forward with a screen-recorded.

Polecat324 Allegations
                                   Youtuber Polecat324 and Jeff Image Source:(buggingquestions)

He independently authenticated Snapchat recordings of Polecat demanding inappropriate nonconsensual photographs from a child and engaging in other questionable activities with the child in exchange for gifts and merchandise.

There are more victims, both those who have come forward and those we are aware of but who have not reached the point where they feel comfortable speaking out.

What Happened To Polecat324?

Polecat324 is known to at least some of you. He was one of the writers who created the GTA Police RP. 

On social media, people are debating the numerous reports and accusations that have surfaced regarding improper interaction with children connected directly to the DOJRP FiveM group and his larger YouTube fan base during his time as a community leader.

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According to reports, this individual decided to come forward to protect others from abuse. However, we are not convinced that Polecat324 is a child predator because the allegations against him have not yet been confirmed.

What Is Polecat324 Net Worth?

Polecat324’s net worth is estimated to be less than $1 million.

Jordan’s fortune stems from his success as a YouTuber. He started his YouTube channel on January 22, 2013, and now has over 1.22 million subscribers.

He has posted 3.2k videos on his YouTube channel and received over 400 million views. His YouTube channel views allow him to live a comfortable life.

He also has a second YouTube channel, Polecat324 Live, which he launched in 2015. The YouTuber has 530k subscribers on his second channel and has released 277 videos.

Who Is Polecat324 Girlfriend?

Polecast324 does not date anyone or have a girlfriend at the moment.

The likelihood of the YouTuber being single or in a relationship is equal. He keeps everything completely under wrap, even if he is dating someone.

Polecast324 prefers to be discreet about his romantic connections. Because he does not want his romantic life to be made public, he avoids discussing his partner with the media.

The YouTuber does not want his personal and professional lives to mix. Therefore, it is currently unknown if he is married or not.

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