Simon Rex: Actor, Comedian & Net Worth

Simon Rex is an actor, rapper, comedian, and former adult film celebrity.

The actor got fame as a Video Journalist (VJ) on a TV show. Later, he started starring in films and got recognized as an actor.

His career as an actor took a sensation turn with the film Red Rocket, an American comedy-drama which Sean Baker directed.

Its storyline is based on a washed-up porn star who clashes with his estranged wife after returning to his hometown in Texas.

Simon Rex
The outstanding actor Simon Rex is posing for a photoshoot.

Anyone who knows Simon can tell that the film’s storyline resonates somehow with his own life.

He is known for films like What I like about you, National Lampoon’s Pledge This!, and the scary movie franchise.

Although the actor began as an adult film actor, he slowly made his way to Hollywood.

Later, he built an image of a rapper and developed the persona Dirty Nasty. The rapper released several solo albums and also co-founded the hip-hop group.

Quick Facts:

Here are some quick facts about the rapper Simon Rex:

Full Name Simon Rex Cutright
Also known as Simon Rex, Dirt Nasty
Date of birth July 20, 1974
Place of birth San Fransico, California, United States of America
Current residence Joshua Tree, California, United States of America
Age [calculate_years datestring=”07/20/1995″] Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Jewish
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Body type Slim-fit
Height 6 feet 2 inches (188cms)
Weight 165.3 lbs (75 kgs)
Skin color Fair
Eye color Green
Hair color Black
Horoscope Cancer
Birthstone Ruby
Lucky number 6
Lucky color White
Father’s name Paul Cutright
Mother’s name Zoe Cutright
Siblings None
Marital Status Unmarried/Single
Ex-girlfriend Meghan Markle, Paris Hilton (Rumoured)
Children None
Education Alameda High School
Profession Actor, Rapper, Comedian, Record Producer, Model
Years active 1995-present (acting); 2005-present (Music)
Film Debut 2000 (Shriek if You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th)
Television Debut 1996 (Baywatch)
Music Debut 2004 (She Wants to Move)
Music Genre Hip-Hop
Labels RED, Shoot to Kill, E1, RBC, MySpace
Productions The Grouch & Eligh, Luckyiam
Latest music video Burning Man (2020)
Hobbies Traveling
Awards and nominations Gotham Awards 2021
Net Worth $3 million
Social media Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Deezer
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Simon Rex: Early life

Simon Rex Cutright was born on July 20, 1974. He was born in San Francisco, California, United States.

The artist was an only child of his parents and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Simon was sufficed with every possible amenities, yet he still craved validation.

This led him to seek nude photography. Also, he was a very outgoing person from a young age.

At the age of nineteen, he saw an advertisement in a Los Angeles magazine.

Then, he agreed to be photographed by a nude photographer, Brad Posey. The photographer also had a studio called Club 1821. 

Later, the young actor also appeared in an adult film as Sebastian.

However, when interviewed, the actor mentioned, he had a reason to opt for the porn industry. He wanted to pay rent for his girlfriend and her two sons.

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Simon Rex: Height, Weight, and Ethnicity

The former adult film star has a masculine and fit body which undoubtedly gives him an attractive appearance.

He stands six feet two inches tall. And he also weighs 165 lbs.

Simon has green eyes and black hair. The marble effect of his eyes gives him a very sensual look.

Moreover, Simon holds an American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. Also, he is Jewish by religion. 

Simon Rex: Educational Background

The actor attended Alameda High School. It is a co-educational sat school teaching from grades 9 to 12.

Simon graduated from high school and then joined college. He attended community college at the age of 18. 

At the same time, Rex started working at a potato sack factory. In addition, he began dating a model while he was in college.

The couple also started living together in Oakland.

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Simon Rex: Personal life

Simon is the only child of his family. His father’s name is Paul Cutright, and his mother’s name is Zoe Cutright.

The actor’s mother is an environmental consultant. Likewise, his father was a breath-work coach in the tradition of alternative psychologist Stanislav Grof.

Simons father walked out on him when he was little. Then, in the late 40s, the actor reconnected with his father. They also shared a psychedelic experience after reconnecting.

Later, the actor also learned that his father wasn’t always a faithful member of his flock despite being a spiritual leader.

Talking about his relationships, the artist is still unmarried and single. However, he has had a fascinating dating life.

He’s dated the American model and businesswoman Paris Hilton. However, Simon denied the speculation saying they were just friends who held hands.

The actor was also offered $70,000 by British tabloids to falsely claim that he dated the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

She was the actor’s co-star in American sitcoms Cuts. During this time, Simon was living in a guesthouse in Venice.

Simon Rex: Career

The professional acting career of Simon began as the director spotted him in the waiting room. Simon was driving his girlfriend to the castings set and watching her kid on that day.

Later, the director offered him to fly to Milan. Simon went on a modeling tour for the brand Tomy Hilfiger in 1994.

The actor also appeared in mainstream gigs for other brands like Calvin Klein Inc, Versace, and Levis.

Likewise, in 1995, he was hired as a VJ for MTV shows. The channel kept him on-air for more than two years.

Surprisingly, this actor has interviewed a famous late rapper named 2Pac.

Simon Rex interviewing 2Pac

Finally, in 1999, the casting team cast the actor in television series. He worked in the comedy series Jack & Jill that aired on the WB channel for two seasons.

Simon also made an appearance in the Tv show called Felicity. He played the character of Eli in the show.

Likewise, he also made guest appearances in TV shows like Everwood, Baywatch, and Summerland.

Later, the actor was also cast in the sitcom What I liked about you in 2002.

He also appeared on the primetime telenovela Monarch Cove. The show was aired on Lifetime in 2006 for 14 episodes.

Switching to the Films

However, the switch from Tv to the silver screen occurred for the actor only in 2003.

After that, Rex played the lead role in films like Scary Movie (3, 4, and 5), Hotel California, and Karate Dog.

The actor also acted in the Comedy Central Show Typical Rick. He starred alongside the comedian Nick Swardson.  And this show was aired from 2016 to 2017.

However, his acting career got the hype after the release of his film, Red Rocket. The character he played, a washed-up-porn star, gave him attention and popularity.

The actor was called by the director Sean Baker on October 23, 2020. The director convinced the actor to send an audition tape with only a few minutes to prepare.

As a result, Simon was cast for this film. And then he drove to Galveston, Texas, to shoot the movie without telling his agent.

Simon Rex
Simon Rex in the premiere of his film Red Rocket at the Cannes Film Festival along with his co-stars.

After the success of Red Rocket, Simon signed with the management firm Range Media Partners in October 2021.

Moreover, his upcoming project is Down Low. And, he is starring with Zachary Quinto in this film.

Likewise, he is also starring alongside Diane Keaton in the film Mack & Rita.

The Musical Journey

Simon began his musical career in 2005 as a rap artist. He discovered the American rapper Mckey Avalon and became friends with him.

The actor also adopted his alter ego Dirt Nasty and made it his stage name. He formed the rap group with Mickey Avalon and Andre Legacy.

Their musical group was called Dyslexic Speedreaders. Simon produced a song, “My Dick,” which featured him. Later, the song went on to be the most hit song of the group.

Following this, the group collaborated with the singer Lil Jon and created “What Do you Say.”

The song was also featured in the blockbuster comedy film “The Hangover” in 2009.

Likewise, in 2007, the Dirty Nasty also released his self-titled debut album. It included the songs like Cracking Ass Fantastic, 1980, and Dropping Names.

Later, in 2011, the rapper released his second album entitled “Nasty as I Wanna Be.” The album also featured singers like Kesha, LMAO, Too Short, and Warren G.

The rapper has released some more music under his stage name, The Dirt nasty.

His third album is named Palatial. He also paired with the supergroup Three Loco, featuring Andy Milonakis and Riff Raff. 

Being part of Three Loco, the singers teamed up with the music producer Diplo and released their eight-song Ep on Mad Decent Label.

Simon Rex: Social Media

The famous rapper is active on several social media platforms.

His Instagram handle is verified with over 404k followers.

The Instagram bio says, “Just For Fun. red Rocke in theatres December 10”. It also has the link to his profile on the website called

Similarly, his Twitter handle is also verified with 137.4K followers.

He joined Twitter in March 2009. It has a cover picture of his movie Red Rocket’s poster.

Simon also has a YouTube channel with over 161K subscribers. The rapper joined YouTube on March 27, 2009. 

His YouTube channel also has links to his Instagram, Facebook, iTunes, and Twitter accounts.

Finally, the actor also has a Facebook account. It is also a verified Facebook page. In addition, he has entitled his Facebook page as a comedian.

The page also has 400k followers and also a link to his website.

Simon Rex: Net Worth

The actor Simon Rex has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

All of his income is from his popular songs and films. However, he also earned a considerable part of his net worth from Television shows.

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Interesting Facts about Simon Rex

  • His film Red Rocket has been nominated for Outstanding Lead Performance in Gotham Independent Film Awards.
  • Rex has also received critical acclaim for his lead role in Red Rocket.
  • The musician was also an investor in the New York City nightclub The Plumm with Noel Ashman, Samantha Ronson, Chris Noth, and Others. It opened in 2006 and closed in 2009.
  • In November, his film red Rocket was also an official selection for the 2021 AFI Fest.


Is Simon Rex married?

No, the actor, rapper, and producer Simon Rex haven’t married yet. Currently, there is no information on his relationships as well.

Does Simon Rex have any children?

No, the actor Simon Rex isn’t married. However, he once co-parented his ex-girlfriend’s son when she was busy with her modeling job.

Moreover, he was barely an adult when he took care of the child.

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