Robinson Mensah-Rouanet parents

Who Are Robinson Mensah-Rouanet Parents And Where Are They From?

Who are Robinson Mensah-Rouanet parents? Robinson Mensah-Rouanet has portrayed the youthful protagonist in Belle et Sébastien: Nouvelle Génération in 2020, a remake of the renowned 1965 soap drama.

A French movie titled Belle et Sébastien: Nouvelle Génération was made and released in 2022 under the direction of Pierre Coré. This is a fresh adaptation of Cécile Aubry’s work that is set in the present day.

Sébastien, a 10-year-old city lad who loves skating, lives in the city. He is forced to spend the holidays with his aunt and grandmother in the Hautes-Pyrénées mountains. He has to assist them in transhumance.

The young child will come upon a big, white dog who has been mistreated by his owner. In an unbelievable adventure to save his new friend, Sébastien is adamant.

Who are Robinson Mensah-Rouanet Parents: Where Are They From? 

Details regarding Robinson Mensah Rouaner parents are not available on the internet. Robinson replaces Mehdi El Glaoui (Belle and Sébastien), Félix Bossuet (Belle and Sébastien, Belle and Sébastien: The Adventure Continues, and Belle and Sébastien 3: The Last Chapter) by landing his first part in front of the camera for the occasion.

More than 2,000 kid-friendly videos were submitted, which casting director Sylvie Brocheré filtered. She viewed 120 with director Pierre Coré, and she decided to focus on five kids (all of whom were isolated and in the midst of a pandemic!). He remembers:

“After bringing the five boys to Paris, we eventually reduced our choices to three kids, who we trained the dogs with. Some people lacked fear, whereas others did. We thought Robinson Mensah- Rouanet was a given.”

Robinson Mensah-Rouanet Parents
Robinson Mensah-Rouanet in a Belle et Sébastien. Source: Allocine

“He is a natural performer. Despite never having shot a movie, he understood everything about a set. His energy is contagious, and he handled the nine weeks of filming at altitude admirably. He may be a little child, but he already has preadolescent arrogance.

He had been bitten in the face as a young child, so at first, he was terrified of dogs. However, he conquered his fear, and I was inspired by his bravery and determination. He exemplifies the adventurous spirit I sought in Sébastien.

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