Reality Winner Real Name

Reality Winner Real Name: How Did She Get Her Name?

A former American intelligence officer, Reality Winner, astonished everyone as she leaked classified documents. She faced the longest sentence imposed on a civilian in 2017.

Reality Winner’s father explains that he wanted a true winner hence, the real name. 

In 2017, Reality Winner became an infamous name for Espionage. The longest sentence imposed on a civilian ever was given to RealityReality Winner Real Name.

Reality had leaked classified documents to the media, which were quite a high risk due to her work.

She was recently released and spoke up about the case in radio, television, and news interviews.

How Did Really Winner Get Her Name?

Reality Winner’s stepfather explained to Dailymail how her real name became unusual. 

Her late father apparently wanted a real winner in life, naming her ‘Reality Winner.’ 

She was encouraged to take part in various events and strive to be the best in them.

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She even has problems setting up social media accounts for herself due to the strangeness of her name.

Many people in the past have assumed that Reality’s name is, in fact, a codename—something made by the government to hide her identity.

What Information Did Reality Winner Leak?

Reality Winner was charged with leaking public election records during the Presidential campaign of 2016 in the USA.

The US Department of Justice insisted that she hurt US interests and didn’t allow her to make a defense. 

Document hints toward a collaboration of Republicans with foreign governments to rig the election in their favor.

The Trump administration has disputed this claim and shunned any further debate on the topic.

Rumors suggested that the Russian government made some interference in the US Elections before Trump took office.

Reality Winner Wiki And Age

Reality Leigh Winner is a former US intelligence officer. She was born on December 4, 1991.

Winner successfully served in the US Air Force from 2010 to 2016. She worked with the 94th Intelligence Squadron and achieved the rank of senior airman.

Reality Winner Mugshot
Reality Winner Mugshot

Reality, 30 years old, is also fluent in Farsi, Dari, and Pashto.

She was convicted of Espionage and was imprisoned for five years and three months in the Federal Medical Center of Carswell.

Winner was also given the Air Force Commendation Medal for her outstanding services. 

Reality Winner Parents And Family

Reality Winner was born to her father, Ronald Winner and mother, Billie Winner-Davis in Alice, Texas.

She belongs to the White ethnicity and is of American nationality.

Reality later grew up in Kingsville, Texas where she attended H.M. King High School. 

In High School, Reality learned Latin and Arabic. She was also a part of the soccer and tennis teams.

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Her father, Ronald, passed away in December 2016. Her mother later remarried her now stepfather, Gary Davis.

Where Is Reality Winner Now?

When she was 25, Reality Winner used to work for US intelligence.

Reality worked at the Cyber Center of Excellence at Fort Gordon, an army base near Augusta, Georgia.

Now at 30, she lives near the Mexican border at a cattle ranch in her childhood home.

The information would have leaked out sooner or later according to Reality. It just happened to be her.

Her supporters claim that she is on the similar stage of Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning. They have stood behind Reality Winner and her mother. 

Winner is currently living with some restrictions that the government has tied her to. However, she is excited to start over.

Reality Winner has expressed that she is slowly adjusting to Reality. She will take it easy and reclaim her life story.

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